Specifics on how to submit a PSNT sample, turn-around time, etc

There are questions about how to submit PSNT samples to the UVM Soil testing lab.  If your questions are not answered by the information below, please let me know.

If the samples are dry they can be mailed, but this will increase the turn-around time.  Drying instructions can be found on the PSNT form links below.  If you have any trouble accessing these forms, please call me.  If you do submit samples, I would be very interested in knowing the results.

From http://pss.uvm.edu/ag_testing/ :

UVM’s Agricultural and Environmental Testing Lab

The Testing Lab is now in 262 Jeffords Hall.  We continue to offer soil and manure testing. We also provide analytical services for UVM researchers.
The PSNT (pre-sidedress nitrate test) for corn is now available.  We provide 24-hour turn-around if samples arrive by 4:30 PM.  Cost is $8 per sample and forms are available here.

Soil, PreSidedress Nitrate Test (PSNT) Plain PSNT Form

Interactive PSNT Form
Mailing address:
Agricultural and Environmental Testing Lab
Jeffords Hall, Room 262
63 Carrigan Drive
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT  05405-1737

If you bring in samples, there is a collection box inside the main east entrance to the building (facing the parking lot and the mountains).  There is metered visitor parking at the south end of the lot, as well as some meters on the street near the water tower. After 3:30 PM, you can park anywhere in the lot (permit not required).  The testing lab office (Room 262) is on the second floor, in the northeast corner of the building (directly over the loading dock).


About Daniel Hudson

Daniel is an agronomist for University of Vermont Extension in the areas of agriculture and nutrient management.
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