Inoculant Applicators Are Relatively Simple to Attach and May be ‘Free’ From Your Local Vendor

We do not endorse or promote the products of any company over another either explicitly or implicitly.  That said, I want to make you aware of companies that have contacted me with offers that might be of interest to farmers with flood-damaged corn.  If any other agribusinesses contact me with similar information, I will be glad to pass that along to you as well.

Many farmers are not set up to inoculate, but are interested in inoculating this year due to the crop flooding caused by Hurricane Irene.  Seedway (Shoreham, VT), with one of their suppliers, has put together a program where farmers can get ‘free’ inoculant applicators if they agree to buy the actual inoculant from them.  Other companies may have similar offers, so you may have success getting a similar offer from other companies, so please look around to compare products and offers with recommendations that we have already given.

Some of these applicators should be relatively easy to add on to your chopper.  One estimate was that it would take about an hour.

To see an application for the program I mentioned, please visit: or call Ed Schillawski at 802-338-6930.

FINALLY:  rumors continue to swirl.  The claim that all flooded corn must be destroyed IS NOT TRUE.  Pass the word along as you are able.  You should be getting communication from the Agency of Agriculture in the near future with more details about mitigation, testing, etc.


About Daniel Hudson

Daniel is an agronomist for University of Vermont Extension in the areas of agriculture and nutrient management.
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