2013 VT Agronomy Plus!

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The locations, dates, and topics for the 2013 VT Agronomy Plus meetings are finalized and I want to pass the details along.

You can view the flyer for the event by going to: 2013 VT Agronomy Plus (https://agronomator.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/2013-vt_agronomy_plus1.pdf)

Registration information, topics, locations, and dates follow:

Register for the event by going to: http://2013agronomyplus.eventbrite.com

Dates and Locations: 

Jan. 8 – Morrisville: Stone Grill Pub and Restaurant, 116 Vermont Route 1, Morrisville, VT
Jan. 10 – Randolph: VT Small Business Development Center, 1540 Vermont Route 66, Randolph, VT
Jan. 17 – South Deerfield, Mass.:  UMass Crop and Animal Research and Education Center, 89-91 River Road (this event is being led by UMass under the title ‘Cost-Reducing Strategies for Dairy and Livestock Operations.
To register for the South Deerfield, MA event call Mallory at 413-545-5221
Jan. 18 – Springfield: Holiday Inn, 818 Charlestown Road, Springfield, VT
Jan. 22 – Derby: The Derby Cow Palace, 3111 U.S. Route 5, Derby, VT
Jan. 31 – St. Johnsbury: The NEW UVM Extension office located at 374 Emerson Falls Road, Suite 1, St. Johnsbury, Vt.

Time (all locations): 10:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (registration begins at 9:30 a.m.).

For directions, call 802-751-8307 or email brent.passut@uvm.edu


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from Oregon State University

FIRST: Reduce feed costs by controlling feed losses!  Did you know that silage losses above 40% are not uncommon and that many farmers could save tens of thousands of dollars by tightening up their feed management systems? Come learn basic and advanced practices to reduce ‘shrink’ on your farm!  Speakers will include Limin Kung, Jr. (University of Delaware), Sid Bosworth (UVM), or Rick Kersbergen (UMaine), depending on location.

Second: Soybeans in Vermont!  With commodity prices seeming to be stuck in the stratosphere, some peacham soybeansfarmers are looking for ways to manage feed costs by producing their own soybeans and more concentrated energy sources such as ‘snaplage.’  Dennis Kauppila will lead a conversation about the economics of soybean production in Vermont, and Daniel Hudson will discuss the top ten practices for high-yield soybean production.  We will share the experiences of a NEK dairy farmer who raised soybeans for the first time in 2012.

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Third: some farmers are addressing sky-high feed prices by moving their herd toward a ‘high-forage diet.’  Tony Kitsos (UVM), Bill Kipp (Independent Dairy Consultants), and Rick Kersbergen (UMaine) will be guiding a discussion about key considerations for finding success with ‘high-forage’ diets.

LUNCH!  Resource Management Incorporated (RMI) is generously providing lunch at the Morrisville, Randolph, Springfield, Derby, and St. Johnsbury locations.  New England Organics will be providing lunch at the South Deerfield, MA location. During lunch Pam Smith (UVM) will lead a brief Farm Bill and Risk Management update.

Fourth: it is hard to overstate the impact that soil fertility has on crop productivity and quality.  Even so, MANY fields in Vermont are severely acidic and critically deficient in phosphorus, potassium, and/or magnesium.  While commercial fertilizer are convenient tools to solve these problems, they are also very expensive. Daniel Hudson (UVM) will lead a discussion about the merits, demerits, and relative costs of various fertilizer alternatives that are available to New England Farmers.  We will also have a brief discussion about changes in State MFO rules that will require record-keeping as well as new technology can help you meet this new challenge with relative ease!


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Fifth:  animal health has an enormous impact on the profitability of dairy farms.  Local veterinarians will be discussing modern vaccination programs that will help you maintain maximum productivity.  Pfizer is generously sponsoring this discussion by compensating the vets for their time.

Finally, two other sessions will vary by location, but will include excellent information on: the impact of nitrogen on grass yield and forage quality; an update on snaplage harvest and feeding based on the experiences of Vermont farmers; maximizing forage quality; corn variety trial results; farm safety; and more!  Speakers will include Sid Bosworth (UVM), George Cook (UVM), Masoud Hashemi (UMass), Daniel Hudson (UVM), Rick Kersbergen (UMaine), Carl Majewski (UNH)

Any reference to commercial products, trade names, or brand names is for information only, and no endorsement or approval is intended.

CCA credits pending.

Thanks again to our sponsors: Pfizer animal health, Resource Management Incorporated, and the USDA-RMA!


About Daniel Hudson

Daniel is an agronomist for University of Vermont Extension in the areas of agriculture and nutrient management.
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